1. B

    Docks Windows in a other Language

    Hello. Sorry for my Bad English, i do my best. I ask for a Friend. The Problem is, Login to twitch via obs (connect), After this i open the Docks Windows......Chat and the Statistik, and this Windows are in a other Language. OBS is in German, but the chat window is in english. I disconnect the...
  2. N

    How to get rid of stats dock

    So I was going through the docks but when I tried using the stats dock it got stuck at the top of my screen. How can i fix this.
  3. T

    Docks Loading Off to the Side

    Hi there, I am currently having an issue to where all my docks (chat, stream info, etc.) are loading off to the side of my screen, with no way to center them back to where I can see it. Currently running OBS 27 rc1 and my log file is attached here: Is...
  4. B

    Twitch Docks Glitching on External Monitor

    I have two External Monitors, and on both of them all twitch docks are glitching when I hover over them or near them - making it hard to use them. When I bring obs to my main display it doesn't do it. The glitch looks like the whole thing shrinks up into the top left corner to about 50% size. I...
  5. Niddam

    Preview as dock for better tiling

    I noticed, that the tiling of docks in the main window enforces a layout, which primarily divides the interface into rows. The output preview then takes up the entire height of its row. This prevents tiling like this (demonstrated using docks in separate windows) and can lead unuseful or...
  6. LazloTheRascal

    Text in Chat/Stream Information Dock is Blurry

    The text in the chat dock and stream information dock gets very blurry. When I move my mouse over them the text goes in and out of focus. But if I move my mouse off of them after a short time the text gets blurry again. None of the other docks are doing this. I was running into the same issue...

    Question / Help Docks are black

    Hello, today I updated OBS Studio into version 24.0.1 and I don't see any info in Info about stream and Twitch Stats docks (which are included in OBS Studio), here's screenshot. I am logged into my account in OBS. Thanks for help
  8. X

    Remember docks with OBS Profile

    I stream on youtube and twitch daily and switch all the settings with my OBS profile and scene collection. If I could save the docks with them as well, for eg, my twitch chat dock and alerts dock open when i load my twitch obs profile and my yt docks open when i select the profile i use for my...