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recieving donations but donation alert isn't working. set up information from steamtip and the account shows. niether desktop nor laptop shows notifications, but follower alert works. Recent Donations remains blank.


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Any idea if donations message is possible.
Default is: %name% has donated %amount% to the channel.
Can I add in %name% has donated %amount% - %message% ?

On top of that, my SingleProcess is greyed out I can't change it.
Also, I realized latest donation , its missing a bracket after the amount. Its like ($50.00

How to fix that?
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Hello. BTW love your program and it worked well with OBS. Well now I am moving to OBS Studio (multi) and I am not sure if this will work with it or how to set it up in Studio as they do not use the same browser plugins as OBS does. If you or someone has instructions on how to do this or an ETA when this will be compatible with Studio, please respond. I look forward to your answer.

The reason I am moving from OBS is that it is causing me some issues that Studio resolves for me so staying with OBS the old version is not an option.
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the new Last.fm went out of beta and it looks like it "broke" Twobbler

it will now show the latest music that got scrobbled instead of the music being played


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On Teeboard start, the Twitch authorization does not work anymore.

Click on "Connect with Twitch" and it redirects to twitch's "I am sorry that page is in another castle" page.

Can't skip it either...


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Is there a work around with trying to get 2 profiles setup in tee board? I was trying to setup both the channels I stream on both knoxvegas, and rrmods. When trying to add knoxvegas to teeboard it acted like it would not submit the information? Is this because the authorization process is broke on twitch's side? Thanks any help would be appreciated.

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Cant log in, its not getting the auth page o.0 ????? is there any reason behind it ? or am i able to fix it