Free TeeBoard v0.1.5 beta

I'm currently working on a dashboard tool for Twitch streamers and hereby invite you to try it out. This is work in progress but it's coming along nicely.


A desktop alternative to the online Twitch dashboard, with the ability to:
  • set your channel status (title, game)
  • manage channels of which you are an editor
  • watch / download your vods
  • run commercials, manually or on a set timer (Twitch partners only)
  • track viewer count stats while streaming (chart)
Comes with several handy widgets:
  • Notifications:
    • get notified when someone follows/subscribes/donates to your channel and optionally display it on stream, write to text, display on your screen.
  • Clock:
    • display your local time on stream and set an alarm timer
  • Countdown:
    • display a counter on your stream.
  • Spectrum:
    • Play a list of audio files (mp3) and display its spectrum on stream. Ideal for intros.
  • Media:
    • Play a list of media files (mp4's) on stream.
  • Chat:
    • Display your chat on stream.
  • Poll
    • Conduct a poll from within the application and display it on your stream.
Comes with extra tools built in:
  • Twobbler - display music info on stream via last.fm
  • Bitrate Calculator - easily calculate required bitrate for your stream
  • Chat OAuth Generator - generate a Twitch chat token for use with an IRC client
  • Channel Panels - generate images for your Twitch stream from templates
  • GiantBomb Game Titles - always have the latest game titles available for hinting (used when filling out the "game" for your channel).
TeeBoard minimizes to the system tray. You can right click the system tray icon for additional options (help, patch notes, donating, etc..)


TeeBoard requires the Adobe Air Runtime.
For use in OBS, the widgets require the CLR Browser source plugin (check the TeeBoard help for additional instructions)

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For the TeeBoard "Channel Panels" I'm looking for people with design skills willing to contribute:


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Latest updates

  1. Update v1.1.5 beta

    TeeBoard has been updated to v0.1.5 Check the patch notes for more info. Patch notes...
  2. Update v1.1.4 beta

    TeeBoard has been updated to v0.1.4 Check the patch notes for more info. Patch notes...
  3. Update v1.1.3 beta

    TeeBoard has been updated to v0.1.3 Check the patch notes for more info. Patch notes...

Latest reviews

Can't authorize with twitch. Comes up with a wrong webpage error. Great job keeping this updated over the past 4 years...........................
I can't sign in! It shows twitch unknown page!!!
Amazing tool! I would highly recommend this little tool to every streamer as it works great, and the developer does a hell of a job keeping it up to date. So great! Can't wait to see future updates!
No txt file for countdown
Great tools! One thing that I have a problem with is the giveaway widget. Has it been implemented yet? Mines is grey'd out and when I open the HTML it's blank (white). Thank you for your work :D!
The Giveaway widgets isn't implemented yet.. sorry. Work in progress.
Very useful tool with multiple functions! Made a video on how to set up the follower notification for you as a streamer. It's pretty easy to use.
Mainly needed this for some on-screen widgets in OBS. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as expected.

Example: I wanted to set up a stopwatch widget. Teeboard installs fine, CLR installs fine, OBS is able to read the HTML file for the countdown clock, and shows it in preview. However, no matter what I change the settings to in Teeboard, it only ever shows the default 3-minute orange countdown timer. No amount of fiddling, uninstalling/reinstalling, checking settings etc. fixed the problem, and there appear to be no resources to read up on for this issue, or similar ones.

I'm sure this works for someone, but not for me.
1. Read the docs
2. Use widget from the correct folder (click the folder icon at the top right)
Best and easiest Twitch tool by far! Give it a shot, I guarantee you'll love it!
WOW, love this...so handy and love the layout. Can't wait for it to be completed...donation incoming Sir!
Lots of handy tools. I like it!