Sudden Unstable Bitrate - After Months of Stable Streaming


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I have been streaming for months and all the sudden I have randomly started getting HORRIBLE drops in my bitrate. I stream in 1080p 60fps, around a 10k bitrate, I have 430+ down and 22+ up. For months I have had PERFECT success with my setup/settings. The connection usually starts off around 10k bitrate for a couple seconds then plummets and starts fluctuating lower and higher (as low as 1k, as high as 12k).

Check my logs. I know that it's an internet issue (forgive me if there are SOME unoptimized settings, did a clean wipe of OBS). I contacted my ISP about the problem, they came out and did some basic troubleshooting, resulting in nothing.

SEEMINLY I can stream at lower bitrates, resolutions, and FPS. I assume this is because it is less demanding on my internet. It looks like I am only being bottlenecked by streaming at more demanding internet speeds. I am not having problems with anything else in my home internet-related, but I'm assuming that this is because nothing comes close to the demand of internet streaming requires.

Here's what I've tried thus far:
- New router
- New cables
- Clean install of OBS
- Tweaking settings within OBS
- Had ISP come and look... I was told I was switched to my "own" line, did NOTING (will keep bugging them until they fix, kekw)
- Checked MTU settings, at 1,500
- Used different streaming software

Looking for some guidance as to WHAT the problem could possibly be, my money is on some bad ISP line that they haven't discovered. grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Anything is helpful...


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