unstable bitrate

  1. P

    Unstable bitrate and dropped frames when streaming

    Hey everyone, I've been having this problem for a while now. Whenever I start streaming on Twitch, I get very big fluctuations on my bitrate and my stream gets choppy at first and then drops to oblivion, to say the least, and I can't figure out why. I've tried streaming to YouTube, it seems...
  2. C

    bitrate unstable isp issue? log here

    i have had this problem for sometime now just dont know what to do. isp issues happen finally got it fixed where i have the speeds i pay for but i cant stream when i used to be able to normally at 6k. upload is 20 idk what else it can be someone pls help.
  3. jellybeak

    Sudden Unstable Bitrate - After Months of Stable Streaming

    I have been streaming for months and all the sudden I have randomly started getting HORRIBLE drops in my bitrate. I stream in 1080p 60fps, around a 10k bitrate, I have 430+ down and 22+ up. For months I have had PERFECT success with my setup/settings. The connection usually starts off around 10k...
  4. lankyandtheguy

    M1 Settings Help (WILD Setup)

    Hello OBS World! First time poster, relatively new streamer (about a month into the game). Getting right into it... My problem: random unstable bitrate/Frames missed/video issues while streaming. I've had the same amount of cameras and setup the entire time I've been streaming. First three...
  5. U

    Bug Report The connection is very unstable and remains at 0 kb/s

    Hello, I was doing normal transmissions but since the last update (25.0.8) I have had this problem, I have experienced all possible ways: I have installed the previous version that worked well for me, change servers, connect the internet warehouse (although my connection is good), I tried with...
  6. Kescarte_DeJudica

    Question / Help OBS Streaming Problem

    Hello everyone! I've been livestreaming on my YouTube channel for about a year in a half. Recently, I have started having a very irritating problem crop up during streams, and even though I have tried everything, nothing fixes it, and I can't figure out what is causing it. What happens is I...
  7. E

    Question / Help Stream Was Fine for Months. Now, Dropped Frames and Unstable Bitrate!

    Hello, I've been streaming for the last few months at 1080p/30fps with a bit rate of 6000 kbps with no issues. The stream as been high quality and the displayed bitrate on OBS was solid. All of that changed a couple of weeks ago. My bitrate is bouncing all over the place and I'm seeing a...