bandwidth usage

  1. jellybeak

    Sudden Unstable Bitrate - After Months of Stable Streaming

    I have been streaming for months and all the sudden I have randomly started getting HORRIBLE drops in my bitrate. I stream in 1080p 60fps, around a 10k bitrate, I have 430+ down and 22+ up. For months I have had PERFECT success with my setup/settings. The connection usually starts off around 10k...
  2. I

    Question / Help Why VPS Bandwidth Usage is 30GB+/Daily Streaming Radio Station to YouTube Using OBS?

    Hello guys. I'm new to OBS and live streaming to YouTube. Yesterday I started using a VPS server to live stream my radio station to YouTube and 24 hours later while monitoring my VPS usage I've found a shocking 30GB quota of daily usage already. I'm only streaming the radio station plus a...