Question / Help Why VPS Bandwidth Usage is 30GB+/Daily Streaming Radio Station to YouTube Using OBS?

Ivan Jaquez

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Hello guys. I'm new to OBS and live streaming to YouTube. Yesterday I started using a VPS server to live stream my radio station to YouTube and 24 hours later while monitoring my VPS usage I've found a shocking 30GB quota of daily usage already. I'm only streaming the radio station plus a background gif image. What can I do to decrease this usage because I don't want my live stream down from my server/account suspended or get any higher extra fees. This is a headache. Please help. Check the attachment for more info. Thanks for your consideration and support.



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You're not streaming "audio only", you are streaming a full video stream. The stream doesn't care if you just stream a static image or high motion content.
You seem to stream with the default 2500 kbit/s bandwidth, because:
2500 kbit/s = 2500/8 kbyte/s = 312.5 kbyte/s
A day has 24 hours * 60 minutes * 60 seconds = 86400 seconds
312.5 kbyte/s for 86400 seconds is 312.5 kbyte/s * 86400 s = 27000000 kbyte = 27000 mbyte = 27 gbyte
This is what you produce per day.
To decrease this, you can reduce the video bandwidth.

Ivan Jaquez

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Thanks a lot, Koala for your quick response. It means a lot right now. How can I reduce the video bandwidth? Also, Do you recommend removing the background .gif? I'm ok with a dark background on YouTube because my subscribers don't care about it. I'm just streaming a radio station so audio is the main subject. Thanks for your support.


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Settings > Output > Bitrate. If you set it to 1250 you will only have ~15GB per day.