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    YouTube Live Streaming

    Hello guys. I am looking for some suggestions. I am kind of unsure what to do as far as picking the right hardware, if I want to Live Stream on YouTube. I have a pre-recorded video. It's 30 minutes long. I want to put this video on YouTube as a Live Feed which replays over and over forever...
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    Question / Help Why VPS Bandwidth Usage is 30GB+/Daily Streaming Radio Station to YouTube Using OBS?

    Hello guys. I'm new to OBS and live streaming to YouTube. Yesterday I started using a VPS server to live stream my radio station to YouTube and 24 hours later while monitoring my VPS usage I've found a shocking 30GB quota of daily usage already. I'm only streaming the radio station plus a...
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    Hi guys, So I'm planning to use OBS to stream a pre-recorded video and I was wondering if it's possible to use a VPS to do that, knowing that I wanna live stream for days/weeks (so I cannot let my PC run for so long) and as I said, my video is already recorded (I don't know if this makes any...
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    Question / Help windows r2012 VPS

    I have been streaming on a windows server 2012 VPS, but when I disconnect from it (remote desktop) it stops streaming, even though it is running when I reconnect to the VPS. IS there an option in OBS that disallows it to stream while there is no active user? edit: streaming to youtube
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    Question / Help Streaming from OBS to OBS

    Hello everybody I'm not sure is this is the correct thread I have set an private RTMP server using nginx ( using windows ) , works fine . I have it installed on a dedicated extreme encoding VPS . The idea is : Stream from my PC , at the highest quality/bit-rate possible from my Gaming PC (...