Sudden frame rate issues. Please help me


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Hey guys I REALLY need help. I had been streaming for about a month with no issues at all at 3500kbs - CBR - 60fps - 1080x720 on the Auto (Recommended) ingest server. The streamed looked really good!
My upload speed is 24 Mbps. Life was good.

But a week ago out of nowhere my video quality is shit, my Kbs keeps spiking like crazy and my stream will go almost 30sec at a time on a frozen frame.

I've been doing a crazy amount of adjusting in settings. I've put my kps down to 1200 and even down to 900, set my fps to 48, changing graphic settings in the games I play, changed the injest server to the closest one to me being New York. I also changed turned on "Dynamic Bitrate" and that doesn't seem to help either. Also sometimes my streamlabs will basically crash when I try to stop recording, or it freezes my pc game until I close streamlabs.

I run test after test after test and STILL I'm getting frame rate drops. Like wtf, I was streaming perfectly fine before and now its total garbage. I don't know what to do anymore. Can someone give me some help?

Should I just use a totally different program?