Sudden Encloder Overload - Was not an issue before

Hi everyone, my PC is new, I requested a PC exactly for streaming purposes where I could stream high quality games at high quality streams. It was working fine for a few months but now OBS says that the Encloder is overloaded and hiccups during the stream. I have tried literally every solution I found online even on this forum. I'm lost.



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I see 2 issues:
Avast Antivirus

This antivirus is too intrusive. If you have safe behaviour in Inernet you don't need more than the windows antivirus. If you realy need an antivirus with extra features, malwarebytes is the one I use as it's not as intrusive like other antiviruses.
In the other hand, soundtrack have it's own problems. Works well for many but not all.
I checked if disabling Avast works but it doesn't make a difference. And Soundtrack by Twitch was never a problem. This encoding thing only started happening recently and I haven't changed any settings