Question / Help Sudden Crashing with Audio Plugins?


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Hey All,
I've run into an issue all of a sudden where OBS just freezes to the point where I need to end it with task manager. I was able to get a crash report out of it last time, but I don't really understand it. I use a plugin called pitch monster to add some effects on stream, and in the report it seems to be the culprit. Thing is, I've been using it for about 3 months now without issue and never updated or touched any settings. I'm hoping someone with a bit more technical flair might be able to identify exactly what's causing the issue. Any help is very much appreciated!


  • Crash 2019-11-22 21-06-42.txt
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The log tells that OBS crashed in pitchmonster.dll, which is a vst plugin. That's all, more cannot be said from the log. The exact action isn't available, since there is no debug symbol information for pitchmonster.dll available.


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Thanks for the reply! I wasn't sure if there was any more useful information on the log or not. I guess I'll just stop using the plugin.