1. B

    OBS and VST Plugins

    Hi, I'm using OBS with a screen reader, and as such, I'm creating videos to try to explain to those who see how we work in order to give them a better idea when they come to teach or explain things to us. As part of this, I'm demonstrating our use of Reaper. I'm using windows 11 64-bit, and have...
  2. RadicalRingtail

    change a VST 2.x plugin filter parameter on transition

    is there any plugin for OBS that allows you to change the parameter of a VST 2.x plugin when transitioning to another scene ?? is that possible at all in OBS ??
  3. G

    Amplitube plugin VST filter listen real time

    Hi everybody, I tried to add an Amplitube VST plugin as a filter in my project for the guitar track, but I can only listen the guitar without the plugin. I can hear the plugin, but only when I recorded the project. Is there a method to listen in realtime the plugin that I added? Thank you very...
  4. P

    FL studio with reaplugs reastream vst plugin IN OBS causes distorted audio in recorded video file

    I was just wondering if anyone has encounter this problem or can test it out... Using reference from this I thought I could send audio from FL to my obs I think it was working 6 months ago but when I came back! Distorted voice. I don't remember what I updated but I think I tried everything. Any...
  5. Rawoltage

    Mask OFF 1.0

    VOICE CLEANER Detail highlight. Self-developed detail enrichment process. In this way, we can create a detail-rich, well-interpreted sound from dull, faded signs. Pulling up the mask makes the speech intelligible. In which cases should I use the MASK OFF plugin? – you are speaking in a mask –...
  6. G


    someone may know a free VST plugin with which you can put autotune in obs it should be downloadable in europe
  7. RockNRollGeek

    [Bug Report]

    It seems that OBS 26.1.1 has a bug involving text/app scaling and the VST 2.x plugin. In Windows 10, when running OBS on a high res monitor with text/app scaling turned on, everything in OBS seems to scale properly, but when a VST 2.x plugin filter is applied to an audio source and you open...
  8. Y

    Audio Channel / Sources group?

    Hi Is there anyway to group ausio chanel so I can put VST pluging on all of them? To put the VST on the group channel?
  9. N

    Non-Free Speachy 1.0

    An all-in-one VST plugin, specifically designed for streamers and content creators in mind. Compression, analogue saturation, noise reduction and gate, de-esser, de-plosive, EQ and dynamic EQ, limiter and even subtle stereo spread. Effectively 10 plugins in 1, with minimal controls and presets...
  10. Knee_Deep_In_OBS

    Custom VST path?

    Is there a way to add a directory to where OBS looks for VST plugins in Windows 10? I read this https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/wiki/Filters-Guide#vst-plugin so I know where OBS currently looks for VST plugins. Problem is that I already have a lot of VST plugins installed in a custom...
  11. C

    Bug Report Waves Shell (VST Support) Crash

    Hey there, I've been trying to come up with more creative ways to mix my stream and I was looking at using some of my Waves plugins to help fill the void. It seems, however, that the 'WaveShell' application (which I believe is their wrapper) is not supported. After navigating to my audio source...
  12. A

    Bug Report OBS crashing on selecting VST

    Hello, I have a mac with Catalina 10.15.2 installed. OBS 24.0.5 (64 bit). Whenever I try to use an audio VST plugin, event from different authors, it crashes the program as soon as I select one from the dropdown list. Example ERA4_DeClipper The log is attatched
  13. TheXyPod

    Question / Help Sudden Crashing with Audio Plugins?

    Hey All, I've run into an issue all of a sudden where OBS just freezes to the point where I need to end it with task manager. I was able to get a crash report out of it last time, but I don't really understand it. I use a plugin called pitch monster to add some effects on stream, and in the...
  14. A

    Hotkeys for filters

    I've added a reverb VST to my microphone, but when I'm streaming/recording I want this to only be active while I'm singing & not while talking. Currently I'd have to go into the audio filter settings each time and click the eye icon. Ideally I should be able to use a hotkey to toggle the filter...
  15. A

    Question / Help Record/Listen to Internet Radio, Audio using a VST Plugin as filter.

    I recently downloaded OBS and tried this having followed a link, but became befuddled with the settings. Simply put is there a preset? ie. browser / internet radio in -> vstplugin filter -> wav/ogg/aac/mp4/opus etc out.....?
  16. K

    Question / Help VST reverb Plugins not working

    Hi, I just added 2 plugins for reverb: TAL Reverb and BrainworxRooMS these are appearing in my filters and opening up but I am not hearing the effect come through on my condenser mic. Anybody know why? https://obsproject.com/logs/fOQcjCBoKHfS1i_k
  17. dezdem

    Question / Help OBSS doesn't fetch VST's path set via env/ variable

    set VST_PATH=C:\Soft\VST obs64.exe am I doing it wrong?
  18. L

    Question / Help OBS/Voicemeeter/Cubase Audio Monitoring issue

    Hello guys, I'm running OBS with voicemeeter to record some cubase lessons but i wanna use the monitoring live button of cubase to play guitar at the same time than obs is running But when i use that feature with voicemeeter there is a termendous feedback when the monotor button is 'on' So im...
  19. B

    Bug Report VST - VST host - VB cable

    I wanted to use the one knob vst plugins from Era Bundle Accusonus. But very unstable under OBS. To make it work I use the vst chainer VSThost and VBcable which are free, works great. Andy -------------- Windows 10 64 bits OBS 64 bits VSThost 64 bits VB cable Era bundle Accusonus 64 bits...
  20. B

    Bug Report VST plugins problems and solution

    I wanted to use the one knob vst plugins from Era Bundle Accusonus. But very unstable with the vst engine of OBS. To make it work I don't use the vst plugin feature of OBS and use a vst chainer like VSThost which is free. Era Bundle from Accusonus - Voice leveler - Noise remover - Reverb...