OBS and VST Plugins


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I'm using OBS with a screen reader, and as such, I'm creating videos to try to explain to those who see how we work in order to give them a better idea when they come to teach or explain things to us. As part of this, I'm demonstrating our use of Reaper. I'm using windows 11 64-bit, and have installed OBS. Imagine my alarm when the first reaper video was done, and I heard nothing from reaper.
I found the cause of the problem was that Reaper wasn't being received by OBS. Googled, and discovered various videos about this, and the use of ReaStream to solve the problem.
This all looked pretty straightforward, and I installed the plugin to the correct directory, i.e. C:\program files\VSTPlugins.
I fired up Reaper, and installed the plugin on the master track. I try to do the same in OBS, but on activating the VST2.X button, I get no plugins appearing, just a dialog where I can enter the name of a plugin.
I ought to explain the way I do this in screen reader language as it could impact what happens.
I want to add a filter to a source, which is called R_Input, so:
1.Focus that input.
2.Press the applications, and go up a couple in the context menu to Filters.
3.Invoke the filters dialog by pressing enter.
4.Tab across to the Add button.
5.Activate the Add button by pressing space.
6.Tab or arrow down to the VST2.X which the screen reader says is a button.
7.Spacebar does nothing, so press enter.
I then get the dreaded dialog which asks for the name of the plugin.
I apologize for what I believe to be a necessarily long email, and until now, I've been impressed by the accessibility of OBS. It's vital that I get this sorted. I could probably get a paid solution, but I like OBS, and would like to continue to use it as in all other respects, I've had no problem.
Any help with this would be very much appreciated.