Sudden and random disconnects while streaming to Twitch


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Log file:

Hey all.

So, I've begun dabbling a bit in streaming, however I am experiencing sudden and seemingly random disconnects from the Twitch server. The problem seems to come ang go at random intervals. Sometimes it's fine for for half an hour and then other times there can be as little as 5 minutes between disconnects. Yes, I did read and follow the tips in the disconnects and dropped frames post, and I have also fixed the problems pointed out by the analyzer tool after uploading this log.
I'm unsure if the issue has fixed itself by now, but I thought I'd try uploading the log file here before I go to bed to see if someone can find something I'm missing.

Side-note: I'm also simultaneously recording the game with Nvidia Shadowplay. Unsure if that's relevant though.

Anyways thank you, you beautiful people :)