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Interesting. Looks like that should be OK. I can pretty confidently rule out an obs-websocket problem (as it works on a standard network for a lot of folks) and I'm reasonably confident in StreamCopilot working correctly (given that there are north of 500 users and I've heard complaints only occasionally, usually resolved pretty quickly). I'm left wondering what's up between the two that could be causing problems. Is there anything that would be unusual about your network? Anything that might make it difficult for your phone/tablet to see the computer on the network? Do you use SMB/Windows shares at all for file transfer between your device and your computer (which would imply that you could see the computer)?

Another option would be to try a network utility that provides ping or traceroute support and try to ping the IP address of your desktop machine--few desktop machines are configured to drop pings by default, so if you can't ping the desktop from your phone, that would indicate a networking issue that's outside the scope of StreamCopilot.


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As far as SMB on computer, it has been disabled. See image.
I don't use Windows homegroup. i don't know of, nor can i think of any other program that would connect the two. I have tried both my phone and my tablet over the past days and have achieved same results--cannot connect.
I used my tablet to ping my computer and all was successful. I used android app ping That Thing. I also used another app called PingTools to see what devices might be on network and there were no unidentifiable devices.
Any other thoughts are absolutely appreciated.


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Price Drop, iOS Update

Hey folks--

I'm humbled by the widespread adoption of StreamCopilot. You guys are the best. Going forward, I've reduced the price about 30%, to USD$4.99. Hopefully that makes StreamCopilot a better buy for some folks who've been hesitant.

StreamCopilot for iOS is coming eventually. My iPad died, though, and tablet usage is far and away StreamCopilot's biggest thing, so I'm going to need to replace it first--and as I don't use iOS devices generally, this might take me a bit. Stay...

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