StreamCopilot for OBS/Android

Semi-free StreamCopilot for OBS/Android

(Note: Currently Android-only. Working on an iOS version! Additional features also under development; please post with questions or feature requests.)

Download StreamCopilot for OBS on Google Play - I've cut the price 30%!

Whether it's on Twitch or YouTube Gaming or Mixer, you want to put on an awesome show and your followers expect the best. That's why you need StreamCopilot. Not that it's only great for streamers; the author uses it as a remote for recording lectures screencasts, and you can too.

StreamCopilot is a mobile remote for Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio, version 19.0.0 and newer, that enables you to manage your stream from your phone or tablet. Using StreamCopilot with OBS, you'll be able to perform all your usual stream tasks without alt-tabbing or requiring a second monitor.

StreamCopilot will help you:

- start and stop your stream and local recordings
- monitor your stream for frame drops
- manage audio and muting
- switch scenes with transitions picked on the fly

Grab StreamCopilot today to make your streams and recordings all they can be.

Please note: you'll need at least version 4.1.0 of obs-websocket to use StreamCopilot for OBS.
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