StreamCopilot for OBS/Android

Semi-free StreamCopilot for OBS/Android

Hey folks--

I'm humbled by the widespread adoption of StreamCopilot. You guys are the best. Going forward, I've reduced the price about 30%, to USD$4.99. Hopefully that makes StreamCopilot a better buy for some folks who've been hesitant.

StreamCopilot for iOS is coming eventually. My iPad died, though, and tablet usage is far and away StreamCopilot's biggest thing, so I'm going to need to replace it first--and as I don't use iOS devices generally, this might take me a bit. Stay tuned. :)
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Version 1.1.0 has been released to Google Play. One big new feature and some minor refinements:

FEATURE: Source visibility management. You can toggle visibility on and off for sources within your primed scene. If you are in non-studio mode, it will make visibility changes on your selected scene without showing it, unless you have the currently active scene primed, in which case visibility toggles will happen immediately. I'm not yet completely satisfied with how it feels to use this but I need to do some additional work in order to make it really awesome, and having it good-but-not-great made more sense to me than to not have it at all.

CHANGE: the non-Pro version now allows up to 25 minutes of streaming or recording. Tell your friends! ;)

UX: The status bar now shows time codes alongside on/off status.

UX: Tablet users should have a little bit of an easier time, as I've re-scaled a number of user interface elements to be easier to deal with on a tablet screen.

UX: Start/stop buttons for streaming and recording are much bigger and easier to hit when you're doing a one-person show.

I've told some folks about the programmable button/"mixer board" concept that I've also been working on, and that's still in the works, but I wanted to get the source management (a heavily requested feature) out the door, so that'll probably be version 1.2.0. iOS support is also in the works. Apple's just been really aggravating to deal with around some business stuff unrelated to the app. Soon, I hope.
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