Stream Pixelated/Streched

Mr Cloud

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So I have streamed a few times now and suddenly today this happened.
Desktop Screenshot 2020.07.03 -

Does somebody know what causes this? Or what I can do to fix it.
It happens all the time. Even when I stand still or don't move or tab out.

My specs are:
Ryzen 5 1600x
GTX 1060 6 GB
16 GB Ram

Internet Speed(In case it matters)
200 000 Mbps down
15 000 Mbps up
~15 ping

In case it may help:
I use the NVIDIA NVENC H.264(new) encoder.
I use a Bitrate of 5000.
I have the most recent drivers installed and the most recent version of obs.
I have reinstalled obs multiple times.


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That looks like VRAM artifacting. Do you have any overclock applied to your GPU? Any known issues with your GPU/drivers?

Mr Cloud

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No I have not overclocked my graphics card.
I never had any problems with my graphics card or drivers

And I only see it on twitch not in the preview
I tried underclocking and I also didnt work
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