Stream disconnected inexplicably - Youtube integration stream health/status indicator request

Lit Production

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Yesterday I was doing a live stream and before the event I decided to try out the new Youtube integration. I let it stream for a few minutes and concluded that it worked fine. Then I created a new scheduled stream and started streaming the event. I use Speedify connection bonding to ensure the stream doesn't break.
However, the stream stopped after 6 minutes and reconnected (from the logs, it took 13 seconds to reconnect), but OBS didn't give me any indication that Youtube decided to end the stream. Instead, it just kept indicating that the connection is good. I found out that the stream ended more than half an hour later, when I restarted the stream manually.

Now, could someone tell me what went wrong? I'm guessing because of the short connection break (13 seconds), Youtube decided that the stream ended, and prevented OBS from streaming to the same scheduled stream / stream key.

Is it possible to add an indicator in OBS to show when Youtube ends the stream, and possibly add a feature to instantly create a new stream when this occurs?

Here's the log (issues start at 19:56, and at 20:36 I manually stopped and restarted the stream):

Thanks in advance!

Lit Production, Croatia