connection loss

  1. L

    Stream disconnected inexplicably - Youtube integration stream health/status indicator request

    Hello! Yesterday I was doing a live stream and before the event I decided to try out the new Youtube integration. I let it stream for a few minutes and concluded that it worked fine. Then I created a new scheduled stream and started streaming the event. I use Speedify connection bonding to...
  2. F

    Cannot stream: error 10053

    In the last few days I was not able to stream due to the error 10053. I tried almost everything, it's not a connection issue (I stream over my phone on the same network. I streamed last month and had no problem, yesterday it didn't work: same hardware, same connection, same everything. Every 2/5...
  3. XpPe_Cris

    Very Problem

    I have had a problem for a few days, I have Fastweb provider and the problem is the same when I go live after 1 minute or 1 minute and 25 crashes and the bitrates sent drop to 0, if you solved it, could you help me please?
  4. R

    Connection lost while streaming on Facebook

    Hello, every time im live on facebook thru obs i have "connection disconnected" and dropped frames every 10-15 min or less! Log File:
  5. jeremyflint

    Internet Drops During Stream

    Can someone take a look at my logfile to see what could be causing my signal to Restream to drop so suddenly? I went from 3500kbps to 0kbps in a matter of seconds.
  6. J

    Question / Help Facebook live drops after 30 min of live streaming

    Hello, I am being frustrated by this issue that I don’t know how to resolve it. My live stream on Facebook drops every time when it is close to 30 min or pass the 30 min stream. I checked in two different internet connection and I still having the same issue. Is there any suggestion or someone...
  7. Trebian

    Question / Help second cam causes bluetooth disruption

    Since v. 23.0, every time the program runs, my bluetooth loses many times in short sequence its connection to mouse and keyboard, before it loses connections permanent. Then I have to hard restart my computer. Mouseover message at bluetooth icon, Bluetooth not available. One mouse and one...