1. S

    5 years Streaming.. 1st time I have this kind of disconnection

    Hello everyone ! First of all, thanks for your amazing software. I've been using it since 2016, the day I decided to go full time streaming. So really, thanks again ! Recently, I've had a bug : disconnection after 45~60mn of streaming. Juste once per stream, and then reconnecting and...
  2. S

    OBS Disconnecting/ Reconnecting

    I had this issue a few weeks ago and it stopped for a while but now it is happening once again. I will stream for about an hour and my stream will just disconnect from Twitch and reconnect right away. The major difference this time is I was streaming on Wifi last time and this time I am on...
  3. A

    Stream Constantly Crashing

    Hello, for the past month or so my stream has been constantly crashing and I can't seem to find the solution. I've tried: Resetting my firewall settings to default Changing my obs server Updating my drivers Lowering my bitrate Lowering the resolution I stream at Running obs as administrator...
  4. P

    Disconnect using obs.ninja

    Hi guys I'm streaming on twitch with melonapp and everything worked fine. I decided to switch to OBS, using obs.ninja to get input feeds from my guests, but everytime I do that OBS disconnects randomly. hen I switched again to melonapp and no disconnections anymore. Can you help me? thank you...
  5. L

    Stream disconnected inexplicably - Youtube integration stream health/status indicator request

    Hello! Yesterday I was doing a live stream and before the event I decided to try out the new Youtube integration. I let it stream for a few minutes and concluded that it worked fine. Then I created a new scheduled stream and started streaming the event. I use Speedify connection bonding to...
  6. IkuMiku96

    Question / Help (SandyBridge) Intel QSV won't work/keep disconnecting only when streaming with OBS updates after 23.2.1

    I'm new here but I had a problem and this could be bug or unnoticed issue. I've been using OBS since build 23.2.1, started to livestream last year. Since I use quite old CPU, Intel i5-2400, I use the Quick Sync feature to minimise cpu usage and not using my AMD's GPU ACE and fankly, I really...
  7. S

    Bug Report Get randomly dropped Please help

    Hey guys just looking for a little insight on why i keep getting disconnected randomly. Itll be fine for several weeks then boom i lose it several days in row. Not sure what it could be. Any input would help. Thanks in advance. I attached the 3 log files created during today's stream
  8. E

    Disconnect problems

    Hi, I've been having periodic disconnects from Restream.io while streaming from my Elgato card. I switched from Game Capture to OBS and I like OBS a lot more now that I'm on.
  9. S

    Question / Help OBS disconnects every 2 hours

    I have seen this posted a few times over the years, but cannot find a resolution. Like clockwork OBS disconnects every 2 hours 3 min and 54-56 seconds or so. I just get a ping from Windows saying OBS disconnected and I get reconnected a few seconds later. Not sure where to begin diagnosis. No...
  10. theredchord411

    Question / Help [LOG FILE INCLUDED] Several disconnects during 4-hour stream during middle/towards end of stream

    OBS Log File: https://obsproject.com/logs/MkVFrbe4u6OVOTJa I streamed for about 3-4 hours today and experienced several disconnects that only seemed to happen about 3-4 hours into the stream without any occurring the first 2 hours when I was just streaming with my webcam and a simple window...
  11. Ben80p

    Question / Help Help w/ disconnect after 1-hour of streaming

    First off, I've been using OBS for a few years now, and I previously haven't had this problem. I've moved around a lot and took a break from streaming, essentially starting over from the ground up. I'm running into a problem where my stream cuts out after exactly 1-hour of being live. I...
  12. T

    Question / Help Stop OBS from Creating New Link After Disconnect & Reconnect

    Hi all, I'm one of those weird storm chasers and I live stream my shenanigans for the folks back home and I'm running into issues where OBS creates a stream link, streams for a while, and when I travel into a service deadzone, it'll disconnect as expected. The issue is, when it reconnects it...
  13. M

    Question / Help Obs Keeps disconnecting

    I'm going to try my hardest to make this simple for you gurus reading this. <3 I just bought a gaming PC the other day, Intel i7 3.6ghz 16gb ram and Nvidia Geforce 1060 3gig basic specs. Whenever i start stream through OBS to my Twitch account, every minute or 2, i get a notification that it...
  14. J

    Bug Report OBS disconnects from Twitch when pressing "stop recording"

    I am streaming to twitch while starting / stopping local recordings as smaller segments to put on YouTube later. Recently OBS has started disconnecting from twitch though and hanging on "stopping recording" when I press stop recording some amount of the time (not every time though - making this...
  15. S

    Question / Help OBS Disconnecting repeatedly. Already tried all recommended troubleshooting from general disconnection/dropped frame thread.

    Hi there, you can call me James. I am trying to set up my live stream for the first time and am a bit frustrated with the disconnection issues. They are constant enough to make my stream unwatchable, about every couple minutes or so. I am running OBS on Windows 10 and have pretty powerful...