5 years Streaming.. 1st time I have this kind of disconnection


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Hello everyone !

First of all, thanks for your amazing software. I've been using it since 2016, the day I decided to go full time streaming. So really, thanks again !

Recently, I've had a bug : disconnection after 45~60mn of streaming. Juste once per stream, and then reconnecting and everything is ok.

I've checked the log files (and the analyse)

To my knowledge, I can only see that, for some reason I don't understand at some point OBS disconnect from Twitch RTMP. Reconnect after a short period of time and then... no more problem during the entire stream.

Also, I'm using a gigabit network (confirmed in windows), using brand new CAT 6 cable, to a Gibabit switch (itself connected to my ISP box which is a router itself, but I can't connect my 2 PC setup to it directly). So, I don't really understand when using the "Analyse a Log" feature, why the analyser is telling me thant I'm using a 100mbits network.

PS : Something important I might need to notice. As TikTok do not provide (easily) Stream key, I've started to use thei "Live Studio" in addition to OBS to be able to stream on both platform. Might it be this ?

If you need anything, please let me know,
Thanks again for your time !

Thanks !
Sixquatre, from France


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16:52:00.537: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] Interface: Intel(R) I211 Gigabit Network Connection #2 (ethernet, 1000 mbps)
17:30:39.289: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] Interface: Intel(R) I211 Gigabit Network Connection #2 (ethernet, 100 mbps)

Your Ethernet link link is flapping, this indicates bad cables / connectors, heavy electrical interference or similar. You could try disabling "energy efficient ethernet" in your driver settings as this can sometimes be a trigger.


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And thank you for your answer ! Really I appreciate it !

1 - It seems that I clearly missed that but that would go in the same direction as what the Analyzer said
2 - Unfortunatly, I have to wait several minutes of stream... in order to reproduce the problem
3 - Yesterday, I've removed electrical cable from near the cable
4 - Cable are CAT 6 brand new cables.
5 - Switch is a Gigabit one, and cause no problem on my other (Gaming) PC
6 - Today, I'll try to update every driver (especially the LAN one)

So I'm gonna have to do what we always have to do in this situation : try to isolate the problem. So, you sure it's not a "common problem" known from OBS ? Epseically while using Live Studio from TikTok at the same time. BEcause I had no problem with my setup for more than 2 years :/

I'll keep you posted, thanks again !


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Update :

1 - I've updated all my network drivers. Using the last one from INTEL.
2 - I've set the "Speed & Dump" service to "1Gigabit" instead of Auto
3 - I've updated Windows and all the drivers
4 - I've removed every useless programs
5 - I've used CCleaner to have a clean station

It still happened yesterday.

Today, I'm gonna try to only stream on OBS (Twitch) and not on TikTok (Live studio) at the same time. Will see.

If that doesn't work, I plan on formating the PC and utltimatly, buying a PCI Network Card. One step at a time...


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Did you try an alternate LAN switch port? it is rare, but within realm of possibility
And then possibly an alternate switch? and checking power supply for the switch.
maybe as a test, connect PC direct to router?

Personally, all of my computer gear (and then some other stuff as well) is powered via Auto Voltage Regulating power supplies (battery backup units) to ensure clean power to all devices in household. [I'm not using it now, but for years my office ran off an APC SU2200RM [an 8-battery rack mount beast]. I've had switches apparently go bad, and it turns out to have been the little power supply.
And cheap (especially flat) CAT6 cables rarely meet certification specs, and can easy be impacted by interference. As a later step, I'd consider a shielded cable as a test.. but depends on cable routing, in-wall/floor power cabling, and specific cable routing

Oh, and this shouldn't happen and really rare, but if a cheap switch (ie TP-link, etc)... another device (not your OBS PC) could (truly rare/unlikely, but possible) be causing the switch to flap.. so another test would be to disconnect everything else (2nd PC and ?? unfortunately, this includes your router.... but obviously has to be connected to test stream)

I'd look for Windows Event log entries of switch port flapping connection speeds. If yes, see if you can trigger a flap without streaming (by using other sustained traffic of similar bandwidth or more, ex large file transfers)


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They updated the Live Studio from TikTok. Yesterday, I didn't have any more problem. I'll keep you updated, but I do think it was coming from the software has I experienced absolutly no problem for a week without using Live studio.