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Much appreciated. I'm looking forward to seeing this mature.
Does this already check for groups [I think I'm phrasing this right] within a scene not being in the target Scene Collection?
It would be nice to have a list of caveats - ie what can and can not be copied, or what the expected behavior is when copying something that isn't set up on another scene collection, possibly on a different PC


Another super plugin! Thank you! I'm wondering if it could be updated to save, copy and paste an entire "Scene Collection" as well? That would be really awsome and allow me to make backup's of entire Scene collections :)


Very good point and something I overlooked. I was too focused on the Source Copy you created, which is great! Thanks!


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Wonderful plugin, essential to production!
Just wondering about duplicate names: loading a scene named "xyz", after you create a new "xyz", gives you two scenes with the same name. Since OBS itself prevents you to do such thing, might this cause some kind of crash in the future?


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Source Copy - Copy and paste scenes, sources and filters on clipboard

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Awesome...saves a ton of time. Just a heads up, or I'm an idiot and can't figure it out..... is there a way to copy mic/aux fliters, not audio input? I couldn't find a way to do it, other than adding a new audio input source, copy mic filters, paste them into the new audio input and then save them individually