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@Vaesive this plugin does not duplicate sources, when pasting/loading the plugin checks if the source exists before creating it, because the source name must be unique.


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Got myself into a bit of trouble when I was copying "Scene" from one collection to another. Overwrote the existing sources without any warning. I was able to restore from the .bak as long as I made a copy before closing OBS, but a confirmation before overwriting any existing scene/sources would be appreciated.


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This addin doesn´t work with a special scene I want to copy.
I saved it. Neither Copy&Paste nore Save&Load works


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Create a scene with 2 text sources (GDI+)8 and (GDI+)9 in collection 1
Create a scene with 2 different text sources (GDI+)8 and (GDI+)9 in collection 2

Copy or save scene from collection 1
Paste or load the scene saved from collection 1 into collection 2
Loaded scene contains text source 1 from collection 2 not scene from collection 1
So it appears that renumbering of source objects between collections does not occur when the same object number is present in both collections. Can you correct this by renumbering objects during loading so they have unique numbers?


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Just so I understand this correctly, Source Copy will allow me to copy an existing SCENE along with all its SOURCES, paste it into another Scene Collection, and when I make any changes to the Scene and its respective sources, it will not mirror those changes to the SCENE I originally copied from?


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Dearest developer, I am an average user of Lubuntu 18.04x64.

I have unzipped your zip in the following folder


nothing works, I don't see your tools.
Could you detail here, step by step, what I have to do to install it correctly please?


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I am really struggling to work out how to make this work on my Mac - have OBS 28.0.1 but I can't work out what to do with the file once I download it

Would appreciate some advice please

Keith Schneider

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This plugin, source-copy, as well as the source-dock plugins both crash obs (same issues it looks like) when starting obs. Key thing is I'm on Fedora 36 with OBS 28.x, KDE Desktop.

They both fail to load the plugin with the following errors (invoked from a Konsole terminal):

info: [Source Copy] loaded version 0.2.1
QWidget: Must construct a QApplication before a QWidget
Aborted (core dumped)

The zip files I used were the ones for ubuntu 22.04 (the zip had two tar.gz files in them). Your build info at github seems to all point to rebuilding obs studio - is there a procedure for building the plugin(s) individually from source? Both these plugins look very useful and interesting. fwiw - Fedora install of OBS is via RPM via site. Thanks in advance.


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Im using OBS Studio version 27x, I installed Source Copy v0.1.4 ( as 0.2.1 is for version 28x), but it's not showing up under the Tools Menu?
(I'm using version 27x for StreamFX)


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Under Loaded Modules, it doesn't even show source copy dll even loading. But I don't see any other info about source copy in the log files anywhere.

21:30:03.580:   Loaded Modules:
21:30:03.580:     win-wasapi.dll
21:30:03.580:     win-mf.dll
21:30:03.580:     win-dshow.dll
21:30:03.580:     win-decklink.dll
21:30:03.580:     win-capture.dll
21:30:03.580:     vlc-video.dll
21:30:03.580:     text-freetype2.dll
21:30:03.580:     StreamFX.dll
21:30:03.580:     rtmp-services.dll
21:30:03.580:     obs-x264.dll
21:30:03.580:     obs-vst.dll
21:30:03.580:     obs-transitions.dll
21:30:03.580:     obs-text.dll
21:30:03.580:     obs-qsv11.dll
21:30:03.580:     obs-outputs.dll
21:30:03.580:     obs-filters.dll
21:30:03.580:     obs-ffmpeg.dll
21:30:03.580:     obs-browser.dll
21:30:03.580:     image-source.dll
21:30:03.580:     frontend-tools.dll
21:30:03.580:     enc-amf.dll
21:30:03.580:     decklink-ouput-ui.dll
21:30:03.580:     decklink-captions.dll
21:30:03.580:     coreaudio-encoder.dll

Maybe I should delete all "source copy" files, and try reinstalling? Is it because I have OBS Studio on an external drive?


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@Gamerzfanz21 I think the installer did not detect obs being installed on an external drive. Can you check if source-copy.dll is in the program files of your local drive?