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When I make a live streaming on Teams via OBS, I have a sound problem. in OBS source I read/I broadcast a video of 20min in format H264 MP4 48HZ 24 bits stereo. Some parts of the video are heard correctly by the participants, including the part of the video where the presenter’s voice is heard (Filmed and edited). During the video I integrated(edit) music. Music downloaded to Shutterstock in MP3 44100HZ - compressed - 32-bit floating point. My Premiere Pro project setting (32-bit floating point, stereo, 48hz).

So I edited a video mixing the presenter filmed in blackMagic and with an external microphone Rode Go 2 and I added in several places the video of the music coming from Shutterstock

So during my Live Teams Event with OBS when I play the video file, the part with the speaker’s voice over (the participants hear the voice correctly) but on all parts of the video where there is music, the participants hear as if the music jerked, interrupted, or some frequency or instrument are not heard by the participants

Someone can help me to know for the parts of the video broadcast my not the same quality. I told myself that the problem can come from the 32 bits for the music instead of the 24 bits of the voice Over (presenter)



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