Question / Help [Solved] Record multiple windows, but not all


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I'd like to record a screencast in which I'll use multiple windows, but I still want to be able to do some things 'off camera'...

The source that let's you record a specific window won't help me as I want to record multiple windows (e.g. browser, text editor, terminal, etc.), and the source that records your whole screen won't work either as I don't want certain windows recorded (e.g. password manager, etc.).

What options do I have? This is my first time using OBS, so any tips/advice much appreciated!


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Ok, so in playing around a bit and reading through some other forum posts, I worked out that I can create multiple scenes each with an individual window source. E.g. Browser scene has Chromium window source, Terminal scene has Terminal window source, Editor scene has Atom window source. Then I used the Automatic Scene Switcher (under Tools menu) to automatically switch scenes based on the current window that is open.

This seems to work, except for:
  • Not all open windows show in the first drop-down list in the Automatic Scene Switcher...
  • I have to know ahead of time what windows I'll be using that I want to record and set them up accordingly
So I can use this method failing all else, but I'd still like to know if there's an easier way to do this.


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Ok, so with more playing and research, I think I solved the two problems with my method above:
  1. To fix the issue of not all windows showing in the Automatic Scene Switcher drop-down list, I found and installed the Advanced Scene Switcher plugin, and that lists all windows as expected.
  2. Rather than setting up separate scenes for separate windows, I simply created two scenes: one called Screen which has the Screen Capture source, and one called Hide which doesn't have any sources (though I may later add a logo or text or something). Then in Advanced Scene Switcher I set it to switch to the Screen scene when no switch conditions are met, and then switch to the Hide scene when my password manager window is in focus (and I can add other windows to hide later if necessary). So basically it says: record my entire screen by default unless one of these specific windows is in focus, in which case show the Hide scene.
A quick test shows that this seems to work nicely, so looks like problem solved!