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Simple scene switcher 0.6

Re: Very simple scene switcher

I'm kind of newbie, but let me know if I get this right : With this plugin, if you press the ALT+TAB shortcut it'll switch automaticaly between two scenes. Is that it ? :)
I haven't tried yet, but does this work while ingame fullcreen mode ?
Re: Very simple scene switcher

Not exactly, you have to set which window you want to be your main window (usually your game window, like sc2 on my example), and then yes, when you alt-tab out of this window it switches to another scene.

Thanks Jim ! Is there a documentation for the API somewhere ? couldn't find it.


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Re: Very simple scene switcher

Will this finally allow LoL players to not have to manually switch anymore? That would be pretty awesome.


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Re: Very simple scene switcher

Woah awesome, this worked pretty well for me at first testing. Yeah Krazy I set a monitor capture for LoL in game, and then window capture of the crappy air launcher. It worked just fine every time you enter or exit the game, the scene would switch automatically each time. GJ Chris!


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Re: Very simple scene switcher

Thanks much. This seems like it could be very useful.

I'm getting a problem though with it crashing OBS on exit using the 64 bit version one. Any else have this issue?
Re: Very simple scene switcher

I couldn't really see using this plugin for a game like Starcraft, as R1ch's plugin not only detects when you are alt+tabbed, but when you are in game vs in menu. But I do see this as finally the fix for League of Legends players who have to manually change scenes every time they enter a game.
Re: Very simple scene switcher

Hi, thanks for feedback~
New version, I updated the dl link in 1st post. Jim fixed a bug, thanks a lot to him, I also changed the config window a bit, I added a button to stop the plugin cause there was no obvious way to do so.
RyzaJr please try it, and tell me if you still experience this crash.


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Re: Very simple scene switcher

Yep, it's working now for the 64bit version. Thanks much Chris!

I look forward to the future updates to this. :)
Re: Very simple scene switcher

This is working wonderfully with League of Legends. I'm sure it'll work with every other game I can think of. Great work man.
Re: Very simple scene switcher

Glad to hear RyzaJr =)
I uploaded a new version, fixed a bug where mashing the start/stop button very fast could cause an infinite loop.

Edit : New version again, settings are now saved in your PluginDataPath, which should be %AppData%\OBS\pluginData, and I added an option to start the plugin automatically when you launch OBS.
Of course it won't start if your settings don't make sense, or if your main window doesn't exist when OBS starts.
Have fun

Edit: Small update, improved thread synchronization.
Re: Very simple scene switcher

Can you make it where you can select a scene for the main window? Not looking forward to go into plugins, configure, game every time I switch games. Other than that it works great and is like Dxtory and how I used to deal with alt-tab.
Re: Very simple scene switcher

Well I can add controls to the main window, but I don't know how to receive notifications from them. Also the main window is pretty packed already. I'll have to ask Jim about this. I could add hotkeys for your different games maybe, if I understand what you wanna do correctly.
Re: Very simple scene switcher

Just put the .dll file into the obs/plugins folder and click on the OBS UI on Plugins. =)
Re: Very simple scene switcher

put the plugin on the paste of plugins.

then on the program, with the LoL openned, go to configure, click on the chose main window and select the league of legedns game.

Main scene: league of legedns

Alternate: Desktop

So when you are on game, the scene will be the league of legedns scene, and when you're not, it will be the desktop