Simple scene switcher 0.6

Switch scene depending on what window is in focus

  1. ThoNohT
    Minimum OBS Version:
    Supported Bit Versions:
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
    This is all pretty self-explanatory, you now have a list of windows names you can match with OBS scenes, plugin will switch to the right scene when the active window's title matches something in the list. You can still switch to a default scene when no match is found, like the old version, but it is now optional.
    Hotkey support has been added.
    Window titles now support wildcards at the start and the end.
    So for example:
    - "*Google Chrome" will match any window that ends with "Google Chrome",
    - "Google Chrome*" will match any window that starts with "Google Chrome",
    - "*Google Chrome*" will match any window that has "Google Chrome" inside of it.

    This Plugin is now part of OBS (Classic). You can find it right away in the settings of OBS, no need to download or install anything:

    Big thanks to ThoNohT, Jim, and all users giving feedback.

    This is all subject to changes of course.

    Download links for the old version:

    Please tell me what you think ! All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

Recent Reviews

  1. JMurray
    Version: 2014-03-15
    This mod works flawlessly as to how it how was designed. My only issue is for more options with wildcards or a regular expressions for the window names. Match exact window name toggled on and off is too broad.

    I'm using this plugin to switch between my development windows and unfortunately my IDE and Blender put the filename in their title window and an asterisk if its unsaved. So it works if I specify each object I'm working on in the plugin configuration. I can't use non-exact window naming because my IDE name is in my blender path.

    If there was a little more options for wildcards this would definitely be a 5 star application for my needs.

    Definitely recommend it for common use! Thanks Chris84!
  2. fuzzysquirrel
    Version: 2014-03-15
    Fantastic. Does exactly what it says it does. Sometimes switching scenes right as a game is opening (like league of legends when it swaps from launcher to game itself) it can cause bugsplat, but its few and far between.