Question / Help Service Integration for Linux?


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I am streaming from my Linux laptop using OBS and I helped a friend to set up OBS for windows and he suddenly has those lovely features such as chat or setting the Stream title from OBS for twitch. So that was new for me and I looked all over my installation without finding anything.
When I looked into it I found it has been a thing since 2018 in version 23 (
Now this states that it is "windows only" and that "Linux support is a priority". But it's been nearly a year and a half now, 2 major versions later in version 25.0.4 there is still nothing.
I read somewhere that the browser integration was the holdup. But the browser sources seem to work just fine for me. From my own research some time ago when I wanted the twitch chat separately from my browser, I found out that it is just an IRC server, really. Surely it can't take a year and a half to integrate an IRC client as a 'priority task'.
Even more so, there has been no updates whatsoever on the progress of this thing. I found a thread ( asking this very same question: "What's the current status". That was posted a year ago, and neither a reply was posted nor the feature implemented.
So, what is the current status on that?

Also are there some workarounds? I tried looking for plugins that provide that feature, but found nothing. Does anyone know anything? Why is the code for windows that much different from Linux that it doesn't work out of the box?


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Same here. Was a little shocked after switching to Linux to find out I was missing this feature. Couldn't find any status in their bug tracker on github either.


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Add me in, I'm willing to hear a technical explaination for this issue. Having to set and monitor everything in a different window is a bit of a pain at the moment.