Service Integration Testing (Release Candidate)

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OBS is gearing up for a new release, and that means more testing!

This time around, we're looking for feedback on a long requested feature: integration of streaming services, starting with Twitch and Mixer (and after, YouTube/Facebook/etc). This allows you to connect OBS to your Twitch or Mixer account, giving you access to features of each service, such as an integrated chat window. This feature is of course optional, and you can always just use your stream key instead if you prefer.

We would love to hear your feedback, suggestions, and bug reports.

Note: This feature is currently Windows-only for now. Linux support is planned and a priority, but there is still some development work that needs to be done before it will be working on that platform. As for Mac support, there are some pretty significant challenges to face to get all these features working correctly, so it may me a longer time before this works on Mac, but it is still something that we'd like to get working if possible.

Here is a link to the RC thread (more details there): - Add Mixer support and Twitch stream info panel (2019-01-16) - Fixes new windows not locking and FFZ popup (2018-12-23)
* Note that, due to being a beta build, this binary is not signed, and may have issues with game capture. If you want to make game capture work, you can copy the capture plugin from the release version of OBS. To do this, copy the data/obs-plugins/win-capture folder in the release OBS install directory and overwrite the corresponding folder in the beta directory.

You can also leave feedback in the #beta-testing channel on Discord.
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a trojan was attached to the zipfile when I tried to download it.
That is a false positive. Some antivirus programs flag downloads from AppVeyor as dangerous since it's a site that can build all kinds of software. I assure you the link above is safe. That said, we may move beta downloads to Fastly to help both with bandwidth and false positives.
Nice start .. Work on adding the Twitch chat to dock within the GUI.. Add an Follower, Sub, Cheer, Host, Raid alerts within the GUI.. Kind of what like what Stream elements did with OBS live addon. but more simple and less cluttered. I have looked at and Streamlabs OBS .. They just lack what Default OBS looks like or add too much clutter. Less is more.. Keep the addons Very Simple.. For me .. Just keep the software running light on the CPU and looking light and simple. Again thanks to everyone that helps with OBS.. Really is the top streaming software out.
My main request is to add the options that Twitch's Live Dashboard offer.
Such us Title,Game,Tags. Streamlabs OBS does tell you to check them before starting the stream, through the software. (Dosn't ask for tags but would be cool).
Adding a "run an ad" button will be more than useful to have it on the main screen.
I checked this build for myself, it works fine, the chat Twitch is displayed well, I had a good idea, maybe you can add to the doc another possibility to add a window with the Browser plugin, there you could insert a chat link of any of the services for example


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The initial launch will just have Twitch and Mixer, but future releases will absolutely prioritize adding new services, including Facebook, YouTube,, and more.
If you change the name of the profile, the page displayed on the panel is logged out.

Steps To Reproduce
1. Start OBS.
2. Set Twitch with Auth setting. (Profile name: Untitled)
3. Rename the profile. (Untitled → Twitch)
4. Restart OBS.
*Or change to another profile and return the profile again (eg Twitch → Mixer → Twitch)
5. The page displayed on the panel is logged out status. (Stream Information panel is not displayed)

Additional Information
1. It is possible to start streaming.
2. Creating a profile with the same name overwrites the cookie.
3. The setting folder (plugin_config\obs-browser\obs_profile_cookies) in which the cookie is stored does not correspond to the name change of the profile.
Hi, thanks for integrating these features! I have two requests: the first is a bug fix that I mentioned in the OBS Discord server, and the second is a feature request for another dock info panel. For the record, my experience thus far is only with Twitch. These apply to the most recent build (service-integration-6).

1. I found that if I middle click on a link in chat, it opens that link within the chat window. The only way I found to go back to the chat is by closing OBS Studio and reopening it. Simply closing the chat window and reopening it didn't work. This also happens when using the /raid command for Twitch, where the chat window becomes the chat window of the channel you raided until you close and reopen OBS Studio.

2. I would really appreciate the addition of the Stats panel found on the Twitch dashboard. That way I can see how many viewers, followers, and subscribers I have at any given time while streaming. In my opinion it's the last useful panel from the Twitch dashboard that I would want to have readily available while streaming, and it's the only reason I keep my dashboard open still.

Thanks for all the amazing work, can't wait until it's launched officially!
Auto-Configuration Wizard problem

Steps To Reproduce
1. Auto-Configuration Wizard to Open (or First time start)
2. Twitch "Connect Account (optional)" is not displayed
Change it back to another service and it will be displayed.

Settings problem

Steps To Reproduce
1. Open Settings > Stream.
2. Service = Twitch
3. Click "Use Stream Key".
4. The server is not set to "Auto (Recommended)".


Fixed the middle-click issue, fixed the cookie/profile issues. Will check the connect button disappearing. Will fix the server selection when clicking "use stream key". Will consider adding the twitch stream statistics dashboard window as a dock (although I might make that one hidden by default because I don't necessarily want to intimidate users with a whole bunch of windows popping up all at once)
Hello, everyone.
I am very happy to see the integration of Twitch and Mixer in OBS. I hope that in the future more and more services can be integrated into the application.
As a Mixer Partner I use OBS very much. Being light and compatible I was happy to see the Mixer chat present in OBS.
I have always bothered to have to use the chat separate from the OBS precisely because there is no such integration.
So I would like to take and report a bug.
It is not possible to integrate the Mixer fully with the OBS. When I connect the account the OBS changes the streaming key. When I remove the account I realize that the key is wrong. It loses the initial numbers that normally comes in the Mixer key, so OBS can't streaming to the Mixer servers. The Mixer streaming Key starts with a number and when I do the integration OBS removes this number.
I am exited to be able to use this new version of OBS. The integration with the Mixer will make my driving on the lives easy and more organized.
Thanks for the efforts to keep the OBS free and so powerful.


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I'm not sure I understand your bug report. Can you give a step-by-step reproduction case, with expected and actual outcomes?


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When I connect the account the OBS changes the streaming key. When I remove the account I realize that the key is wrong. It loses the initial numbers that normally comes in the Mixer key, so OBS can't streaming to the Mixer servers. The Mixer streaming Key starts with a number and when I do the integration OBS removes this number.
Yep, sorry about that - turns out the stream key the API returns doesn't include the user ID, which is required. This will be fixed in a future build. Thanks for the report!
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