1. M

    Streaming service plugin: service never appears/gets called

    Hello, I'm trying to create a custom streaming service. I have a module that calls obs_register_service_s on load, but the service never appears within OBS and none of the provided functions are ever called. If I manually call, say obs_service_get_display_name, I get the expected output. The...
  2. FalcoGer

    Question / Help Service Integration for Linux?

    I am streaming from my Linux laptop using OBS and I helped a friend to set up OBS for windows and he suddenly has those lovely features such as chat or setting the Stream title from OBS for twitch. So that was new for me and I looked all over my installation without finding anything. When I...
  3. Rkreiner

    Question / Help Streaming service for 24/7 operation

    Dear All, I'm looking for service that will enable me to stream from OBS to my own webpage. The feed should run 24/7. I've tried YouTube Live, but there seems to be a cap of how long the stream can last. Paid alternatives is an option. This is my fIrst post, so bear in mind that this might be...
  4. M

    Looking for a developer

    Hi All, I'm looking for a developer to help with a new platform integration. From what I've been told it is pretty simple and might only be about a weeks worth of work. The company I am working for can pay $2000 USD to get it done and merged to master. Would anyone be interested in...
  5. liamdawe

    Question / Help Linux service integration?

    Is there a thread or bug report or anything where I can follow the progress of the Linux service integration?
  6. R

    Multiple Stream outputs - Twitch, Picarto, Mixer, etc.

    I'd love to have multiple stream outputs that can run separately or simultaneously to multiple Streaming services like Twitch, Youtube, Picarto, Mixer, and so on. Have it like, check boxes on the side next to "Scenes" with a list of each platform you're going to stream to. That way, you can...