Separate Desktop Audio in two to use ZOOM


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Hi guys.
Yes, first i know I have a complicated configuration, but maybe you can help me use this as i intended:

My problem is, that i want to be able to monitor and hear what comes out of the stream but if I do it ill double the audio because I am using ZOOM to comunicate with my coworkers. That audio line, their voices, comes out of the DESKTOP audio in OBS and i dont know any other way to let the stream hear them.

I would like to use ONE audio source for the voices in ZOOM (and the sounds in streamdeck- as I use Voicemod)
another audio source as my mic - (as im using it now)
and a third separated audio source for videos, gameplay and any other stuff (the regular way)

And obviously, i would like to monitor everything in my headset.

but the thing is if I monitor the sounds of videos and gameplays, in the stream comes out doubled because they hear it trought the real audio of that Multimedia source and also trhoug my monitor of the DESKTOP.

I cannot stop monitoring de desktop source because in the stram the voices of the zoom call will not sound.

Can you please help me? do you know any workarround? is there any way to use a separeted audio source just for ZOOM CALLS and or Voicemod? so i can just monitor and not activate de DESKTOP source?


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