Same micro stuttering for stream and recording with 144/120 / 60Hz and 2 different processors and codecs. Statistics says almost no frame drops.


I've had a strange problem for a while.
I have the same micro stutters in the stream and recording.

I've tried and changed so much, I think it's because of OBS (current version).

Let's get started:
I noticed the system with the following parts.
Ryzen 7 2700X, 6 monitors (5x 60Hz and 1x 144 Hz), an RTX 270 and a GTX 1060 and 32GB Ram.

I have set the monitor's Hz to 60Hz. Stutters.

Tried Nvenc, NewNvenc and x264. Stutters.

I used the RTX for rendering and then selected the GTX. Stutters.

Game mode on and off. Stutters.

Then I went back from 6 to 4 monitors and took out the GTX.
Then also tried Nvenc, NewNvenc and x264. Stutters.

Then I upgraded my RAM from 32GB Ram to 64GB Ram.

Then I switched from the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X to the R9 3900X. Stutters.

Then I thought it might be the hard drive during the recording and went from HDD to SDD.

I have almost no frames left out or skipped in the statistics (0.1%).

It doesn't matter if I use game capture or monitor capture.

The stutters feel the same in the recording or in the stream.
No matter what I did, nothing changed it.

Well, before I could only stream 720p 60fps, now of course 1080p 60fps. That was also my goal with upgrading.

In the meantime, I think it's because of the OBS version. I think I had that when I changed the OBS version from 22 to 23.

There should be a change in what I tried and modified.

Windows, OBS and Nvidia drivers are all up to date.
I updated Windows through the Insider because of the different refreshrates.

Does any of you still have the problem or can name something that I overlook.
(OBS is running als Admin!)

I hang the log with it.

Here are some examples:
X264 6000KB 1080p COD:MW
X264 6000KB 1080p PUBG
NewNvenc Quality 720p COD:MW



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Just as a sanity check, are you recording your tests as well and analyzing in a separate program from twitch's VOD player? The VOD player has issues with microstutter on playback.


in the examples i can't see microstucks
i seen some "stucks" but that not micro and not record related
that are movement "stucks" from the game in the cod record
in the pubg i seen 2 stucks but that not related to the record that are character animation stucks
the character in front stucks short but the chars in the background moved at that time

idk if that was what you mean i looked your footage on a dual display 60Hz system and found no issues

--== Mystical Human Body Errors ==--

if you look a 60fps video on a 144 display with "bad settings" then you see more/less and can result in a "stuck" feel you eyes see 2 different motions on the same element

its like with view videos in 30/60 fps on a 60hz display you mostly not see a big difference
but if you look that on a 144 display 30 feels like a flipbook
the frame timing and the display refresh timings missmatching and windows dislike or other words had long time problems with handle multiple refresh rates correct idk if the patch is already out but before covid 19 it announced it for summer 2020 to fix the issue
thats a part the most ppl don't know

the chance that you are taken by that bug is 99%


I have allready the Windows update with the 2004 fixes.
Im in the Windows Insider Program and got the update.
The option is also only avalible at Nvidia Version 450.**.

And the stuttering i see is also in the recordings on my harddrive.
Ive got the same performance with record and streaming. Internet and harddrive.
Thats why i dont know what the problem is.

tomorow i try an OBS version in the 22's for a 2. result.


I have now tried other things.
First I deactivated GameMode in Windows.
I thought that would have fixed the problem but I started to lag again.
Now I have installed and tried version 22.1.
I mean that COD took MW without any problems. The video looked good.
However, I saw in the log file that Game Mode ON is specified there.
But it is definitely deactivated in Windows.

I once detached the log file for you.



Ok. Windows AutoGameMode was enable in Windows Registry. Change 1 to 0 changes the entry in the log to off.
Tomorow i test the current version again.