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I can confirm this and it's apparently Tencent's anti-cheat tools causing Game Capture to be busted, but I streamed with Streamlabs OBS so far and it's not supported here. I'll get to recording with regular OBS on ROE just to post a log. @zappy1000 Don't forget to post a log too.


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I might want to add my 2 cents about this very issue since it's already a known problem when Ring Of Elysium was still in early beta (about 6 months ago).

This clip is from around April 2018 and already shows the screen flicker bug with OBS and Ring Of Elysium when you use the gamecapture method:

Now just recently the Doc also streamed Ring Of Elysium and had the exact same issue when using gamecapture of OBS:

I hoped that with the Steam release of RoE they would by then have a true fullscreen mode and the issue might be fixed, but now here we are, still the same issue. However the Devs of RoE confirmed that a true Fullscreen mode will be in implemented very soon (1-2 weeks from here). Not sure if this will help with the screen flicker bug, but let's see 'n hope.

I did some extensive tests by myself and here is what I could come up with:

- No matter the settings of OBS or PC rig - when using the gamecapture mode of OBS to hook into Ring Of Elysium, the screen flicker bug will appear
- tried with Win7 x64 and Win10 x64
- tried with fresh profile and scene, only gamecapture in it
- tried with and w/o anti cheat mode settings of OBS
- all background apps/software closed (including riva tuner and the like)
- tried with and w/o admin privileges
- same issue with SLOBS (this was relatively predictable as its build upon OBS studio, but still worth a shot)
- same issue with OBS classic
- screen flicker WILL BE FIXED / circumvented when using Window Capture or Monitor Capture of OBS to capture RoE gameplay (at a slight performance cost and added mouse input lag)

What I found out just recently though (and I want to point out that I'm an OBS fanboy since its release!);
XSplit however does not have the screen flicker issue when using gamecapture mode:
(btw, worth checking out^^ got a Chicken Dinner with 9 Kills that round :P )

So in conclusion it seems to me that OBS's gamecapture mechanism heavily interferes either with
- RoE's graphics engine (QuickSilverX engine / DX9) or
- RoE's current "fake Fullscreen" (which is actually a Window Borderless currently) or
- RoE's anti cheat mechanism TenProtect.

Would be nice if an actual OBS Dev would consider to look into this issue.
I've never had any screen flicker issue with any other games before so far, so this topic is something special.

Looking forward to a Dev reply.

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