game display

  1. Bombastic

    Question / Help How to only stream a certain application? + Syphon not working?

    So I only want to capture the display from my game, so that I'm free to switch from the game to OBS, or whatever else I have running in the back. The thing is, Syphon isn't working. When I try to add a Syphon source, it doesn't let me click on SyphonInject, even when I run my game in OpenGL. The...
  2. ChoHanjun

    Question / Help Black screen on every capture mode

    I wanted to record a video but when I chose display capture, it was black and so I checked my nvidia control panel and saw it was already on Intel GPU. So, I tried it with another capture mode but same result. Theres another thing I realized which was that the resolutions are 0,0...
  3. M

    Question / Help Massive FPS Drops For The Entire Scene In Either Display Or Game Capture Mode

    hi, ive been looking through forums and watching videos all night and none of them seem to help with my issue, game capture was working perfectly than about three days ago when i tried to stream layers of fear there were massive fps drops in the game and every other game. my webcam and game...
  4. Z

    Question / Help Ring of Elysium game

    So I started streaming this new BR and this started happening I tested pubg and that didn't occur and its never happened before so I assume its the games fault? Any help would be nice! :)
  5. FMDevon

    Question / Help Game not working with Window Capture

    Hello, I am not sure if this has been answered before, but I tried to do some recording today and my OBS is not capturing the game in Window Capture. It will capture the opening title of the game but won’t go any further than that even though the game is running perfectly fine. I’ve not...
  6. MuwazIs79

    Question / Help Mac OBS Bug

    Im trying to fix this error but i can't. I wanted to record whit Game Display (Syphon) because i get more FPS is there anyway i can fix this or get help fixing it?