1. Impafara09

    OBS Glitches out Lunar Client

    Whenever I try to use lunar client (for 1.8) and OBS together, the game gets really laggy. On top of that, pieces of the game start glitching out and acting weird. I don't know why its happening but it makes the game unplayable. this happens with Stream labs as well. This didn't happen on my 8...
  2. F

    Weird Audio SYNC issues with ATEM Mini

    Audio is way out of sync, but in a non-predictable pattern, making it impossible to sync up using audio delay. Even when the audio source is connected directly to the camera recording the stream (should be perfectly in sync always). Audio is delayed for up to 2-3 seconds, but it's not regular...
  3. M

    Question / Help Weird Background Noise When Recording

    So I have been noticing that when I start a recording, I can hear some weird background sounds. I used to have to issue before then it just disappeared and I just ignored it. Now it comes to haunt me again. I would really appreciate the help. ✌ Here is the sample of my recording, my log file...
  4. L

    Question / Help OBS Weird lag

    Hello! My friend has been experiencing a weird lag issue when streaming any game. Fps is fine (Usually sits around 120 in most games) and so is the stream, however for him, in his monitor he can see it lagging/tearing and chopping. The issue stops as soon as he stop streaming/recording with obs...
  5. Z

    Question / Help Ring of Elysium game

    So I started streaming this new BR and this started happening I tested pubg and that didn't occur and its never happened before so I assume its the games fault? Any help would be nice! :)