video distortion

  1. L

    M1 Mac Mini - Video distortion in recordings & streaming

    New to the forums, but been using OBS for about 1 year now for livestream: We just split our livestream to a dedicated M1 Mac mini - Maxed out RAM to 16 gb - 1TB ssd. The issues I'm seeing is artifacts/glitches in the video at first I thought it had something to do with just the monitors we...
  2. R

    Video Distortion and Color Bars in YouTube via OBS and Blackmagic

    I have run over 500 live streams using OBS in conjunction with YouTube. The last two days I have had an issue I have never seen before and I cannot figure out what is causing this issue. We are pushing a stream of PowerPoint slides and audio of a person talking. The audio is unaffected. The...
  3. M

    Pink distortion in top of gopro frame

    I'm running obs studio with two gopro black magics and a Sony A7sii. The capturecard is blackmagic wdm. Getting some monochromatic distortion in the top of the frame. It usually comes out as pink but has also appeared as blue. At first I was afraid there was an output issue with one of the...
  4. B

    180 degree live fisheye distortion correction

    I have searched for a few hours and can't seem to find anything that can correct the distortion on a live feed. Does such a feature exist? Are there any workarounds? I use a z-cam E1 with a Meike 6.5mm lens, connected via HDMI to an Avermedia Gamer HD2. I would love to be able to fix the...
  5. F

    Question / Help Game capture is very pixelated and Buggy

    I cannot figure out what is wrong the game has none of the problems that appear in obs. here is the log session and this is what it looks like
  6. Z

    Question / Help Ring of Elysium game

    So I started streaming this new BR and this started happening I tested pubg and that didn't occur and its never happened before so I assume its the games fault? Any help would be nice! :)
  7. Bugfragged

    Bug Report Corrupted Colors When Recording Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim final boss

    For some reason, every time I attempt to record gameplay of the final boss, the colors come out completely broken in the video. My log file has two recording attempts, one with Game Capture and one with Display Capture. Both result in broken colors as shown in the below screenshot. This does not...
  8. A

    Question / Help Recorded video is chopped (see screenshot)

    not %100 sure but it only seems to do this in-game. I thought this would be a common problem but I haven't seen anyone else who has had this happen to them as well.
  9. E

    Question / Help Unusual image distortions when using OBS with cameras

    I'm experiencing some very odd visual distortions like vibrating when using OBS with video cameras coming through blackmagic capture cards. I don't think they come through on the Facebook broadcasts that I do but I'm not 100% sure whether they might but it is just minor and not so noticable. I...