Bug Report Corrupted Colors When Recording Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim final boss


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For some reason, every time I attempt to record gameplay of the final boss, the colors come out completely broken in the video. My log file has two recording attempts, one with Game Capture and one with Display Capture. Both result in broken colors as shown in the below screenshot. This does not occur for any other boss fight in the game, just the final one.

Edit: Strangely, Shadowplay can record this boss without any color issues, so I'm stumped.


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You may need to do a DDU reinstall of your graphics drivers, also why are you using CQP 5?


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You're right about the CQP. I tried lowering it thinking it would help, but it was actually the opposite; by raising the CQP to 18, the video came out beautifully. Thanks.