Question / Help Resolution Issues with 4K Monitor when Screen Recording


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Hello! This issue has been bugging the hell out of me for the past few weeks and I'm really at a loss.

I recently picked up a 42" 4K monitor for work, and although it has been great to use, I'm having a really annoying issue when I try to use Display Capture in OBS. With my previous setup, I would set display capture to hide the cursor as I would add effects to my tutorials in after effects, but with this new monitor that option simply does nothing. No matter what I do, the cursor is always there in preview and in the video output.

I've tried everything when it comes to scaling and nothing seems to fix it. Disabling the Capture Cursor option when using Window Capture works, however I can't use this to record tutorials as there are quite a few popups that Window Capture obviously doesn't pick up.

Has anyone got any ideas on what could be happening? :S


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What monitor? Did you install any "helper software" with it? Does this happen currently if you try capturing any other monitor?


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Not that I've installed, I just plugged it in and it was ready to go. When I go to update the driver there are no newer ones at the moment.