1. L

    Full Screen Game Capture Causes Cursor to disappear in Game

    I have to record in OBS using game capture and fullscreen of the game to get the recording to fill the whole output screen. Very recently, this now causes my cursor to disappear while actually in the game. While constantly trying to test different ways to fix this, it finally did show me my...
  2. 2

    Cursor lag while recording on MacOS

    I have the problem that my mouse cursor has a noticeably higher latency/delay when OBS is opened on my MacBook 2019. Specs: MacBook Pro 2019, 13 inch macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7 Greetings!
  3. A

    is there a way to show mouse clicks?

    xsplit has an option to show mouse clicks, so when you click in stream/recording the cursor turns black and then back to normal. i wonder if there is a way to do that in obs.
  4. M

    Unusual problem with laggy video.

    Hi, i just downloaded OBS and i have got a problem. On my video cursor is recorded properly (isn't lagging) but windows (programs) are refreshed every few seconds (on video you can see smoothly working cursor and usually cutted windows (only few parts of them are recorded) wich are refreshed...
  5. U

    OBS Python OBS Studio mouse cursor skin 1.0.0

    Selected source will follow mouse pointer. It will update position of the source according to mouse movement. Usage: - Create source with desired cursor(e.g Image source or Media source). - In scripts select that source name. - Test it: press Start, press Stop, tweak refresh rate. Crop auto...
  6. H

    Question / Help Recording freezes, but audio works, and cursor is still visible

    I tried recording a video today and my recording seemed messed up. The recording itself was frozen, but I could still see the cursor moving around where I would've had the cursor, and the audio still plays. This happens with every game. Here's my latest log: 10:30:55.622: CoInitializeEx...
  7. P

    Question / Help Does The Newest Version of OBS Studios Not Have a "Hide Cursor" Option for Window Capture?

    I recently downloaded the newest version of OBS Studio and was fiddling around with it, trying to disable the cursor for the window capture option. I've seen that display and game capture have this option, and I was wondering if there is one for window capture or I'm just clueless. I've included...
  8. B

    Question / Help mouse cursor not following drawing while recording

    I'm looking to record my screen while i sketch using a wacom tablet. but after i view my recording the cursor is not following the sketch until i lift my pen. the problem does not occur if i switch off windows ink but then the sketch is not as smooth as it was with windows ink turned on...
  9. J

    Question / Help Resolution Issues with 4K Monitor when Screen Recording

    Hello! This issue has been bugging the hell out of me for the past few weeks and I'm really at a loss. I recently picked up a 42" 4K monitor for work, and although it has been great to use, I'm having a really annoying issue when I try to use Display Capture in OBS. With my previous setup, I...
  10. zaidpirwani

    Bug Report Incorrect Cursor Size in DISPLAY Capture

    Hello, so I have setup OBS to record my screen and 2 WebCams, primarily to create Tutorial videos with Arduino, Electronics etc, just found out about OBS a couple days back, solves almost all of my problems. Today I noticed that in the captured video, the cursor shown is SMALL, default one of...
  11. drpeppercan

    Question / Help How to add a yellow circle to my mouse cursor?

    You know, it's to help the viewer focusing on where the cursor is on the screen. I didn't have much luck searching this :( Thanks
  12. JakubKoralewski

    OBS Python OBS Cursor Recorder v0.4

    cursor-recorder Records mouse movement to a file and opens it in After Effects. Use with OBS Studio as an external Python script or if you prefer a more manual approach, using the standalone Python script. Then use the After Effects script to import the generated cursor movement data. This is...
  13. B

    Question / Help Cursor lags in recording, but not WHEN recording!

    Hello guys! I know this is a very common problem, but it's not just "OBS lags". It's more about the cursor lagging that's the problem; When I view a recording of the screen, it's unbearably laggy to the point that if I move the cursor quickly, it only moves about twice every second. I'm using...
  14. S

    Bug Report OBS 21.1 I beam pointer dissapears inside VmWare virtual computer...

    Hy to all. My first time here =). Okey, OBS is recording all great, but when recording VmWare virtual Windows, only I Beam pointer disappears (Word, Wordpad, Sticky notes, ...), everything else appears as it should. I will try earlier version of OBS if fixes this. Any solution?