1. U

    Hide cursor on macOS

    Hello, I'm using OBS on macOS 12.6.8 to record material for a game trailer, and I have the following issue: The cursor is shown in my display capture source even though the checkmark is unchecked. How can I fix this? Also, the reason why I don't use a window capture source (if that...
  2. B

    How do i record cursor's shadow?

    Is there any way to do that? Is it possible?
  3. I

    What to do if there is no cursor animation in OBS 26.1.1 (32 bit), Что делать, если в OBS 26.1.1 (32-разрядная версия) отсутствует анимация курсора

    I explain: I have an animated cursor on Windows, but in the obs it has no animation - just the first color of the cursor animation, Поясняю: у меня на винде стоит анимированный курсор, но в обс у него нет анимации - просто первый цвет анимации курсора
  4. N

    No playback cursor on Presonus Studio One on the screen.

    The playback cursor doesn't show up when you record something on Presonus Studio One. I definitely checked Capture Cursor, but it's only available for the mouse cursor. Device name DESKTOP-FH22080 Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20 GHz Installed RAM 40.0 GB (35.9...
  5. A

    So how do I show the cursor?

    New OBS user here, I'm using OBS to send some clips to friends, but I want them to be able to see my cursor while it is visible. I've checked other threads and they've said to select the Window Capture, then hit Properties and check the correct box, but that box doesn't exist: Anybody know...
  6. K

    Mouse not showing in Minecraft while I have OBS open

    The mouse shows up on the stream but when I enter Fullscreen mode it does not show up for me in-game. Everything i've seen about this issue blames the problem on some Spotify screen capture but that is not the issue here.
  7. C

    Radeon Super Resolution - Cursor not in Sync

    I'm using Radeon's super-resolution feature on Total War: Warhammer III In-game display is 1080p upscaled to 1440p. My OBS settings are: Base 1440p, Output 1080p, as you can see in this example, the mouse is not lining up with what is happening on...
  8. K

    OBS 27.1.3 64x, Win 7 - does not capture click highlight

    Hi, I use PointerFocus, whis is seen on screen-o-matic But it is never seen click highlights in OBS My source is "Screen"
  9. dimabrawlstars

    Как сделать истинное отображение курсора?

    У меня на компьютере изменён размер курсора, но obs это не видит. Как сделать, чтобы на самом деле был курсор таким же, как на самом деле?
  10. S

    Remove cursor on OBS studio 26.1.1

    Hello, i have a problem, i can't remove my cursor from window capture! I use windows 10 OBS studio 26.1.1 I want use window capture with my zoom, but i can't find where i can remove my cursor. When i changed capture method to authomatic, my zoom screen capture stops working Can you help...
  11. I

    Animated cursor not recording.

    I have an animated cursor but when recording, it just doesn't show up. What can I do to make it visible?
  12. Saturn2888

    Mouse cursor not showing up over text editing areas.

    For some reason, when the mouse cursor goes over a text editing window, it suddenly disappears. Shows up over File Explorer: Doesn't show up when it's a cursor icon over my text editor's "text input" area (using Sublime Text). This screenshot was taken with the Print Screen key: When I...
  13. L

    Full Screen Game Capture Causes Cursor to disappear in Game

    I have to record in OBS using game capture and fullscreen of the game to get the recording to fill the whole output screen. Very recently, this now causes my cursor to disappear while actually in the game. While constantly trying to test different ways to fix this, it finally did show me my...
  14. 2

    Cursor lag while recording on MacOS

    I have the problem that my mouse cursor has a noticeably higher latency/delay when OBS is opened on my MacBook 2019. Specs: MacBook Pro 2019, 13 inch macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7 Greetings!
  15. A

    is there a way to show mouse clicks?

    xsplit has an option to show mouse clicks, so when you click in stream/recording the cursor turns black and then back to normal. i wonder if there is a way to do that in obs.
  16. M

    Unusual problem with laggy video.

    Hi, i just downloaded OBS and i have got a problem. On my video cursor is recorded properly (isn't lagging) but windows (programs) are refreshed every few seconds (on video you can see smoothly working cursor and usually cutted windows (only few parts of them are recorded) wich are refreshed...
  17. U

    OBS Python OBS Studio mouse cursor skin 2.4.2

    Selected source will follow mouse pointer. It will update position of the source according to mouse movement. Usage: - Create source with desired cursor(e.g Image source or Media source). - In scripts select that source name. - Test it: press Start, press Stop, tweak refresh rate. Crop auto...
  18. H

    Question / Help Recording freezes, but audio works, and cursor is still visible

    I tried recording a video today and my recording seemed messed up. The recording itself was frozen, but I could still see the cursor moving around where I would've had the cursor, and the audio still plays. This happens with every game. Here's my latest log: 10:30:55.622: CoInitializeEx...
  19. P

    Question / Help Does The Newest Version of OBS Studios Not Have a "Hide Cursor" Option for Window Capture?

    I recently downloaded the newest version of OBS Studio and was fiddling around with it, trying to disable the cursor for the window capture option. I've seen that display and game capture have this option, and I was wondering if there is one for window capture or I'm just clueless. I've included...
  20. B

    Question / Help mouse cursor not following drawing while recording

    I'm looking to record my screen while i sketch using a wacom tablet. but after i view my recording the cursor is not following the sketch until i lift my pen. the problem does not occur if i switch off windows ink but then the sketch is not as smooth as it was with windows ink turned on...