Mouse cursor not showing up over text editing areas.


For some reason, when the mouse cursor goes over a text editing window, it suddenly disappears.



Shows up over File Explorer:

Doesn't show up when it's a cursor icon over my text editor's "text input" area (using Sublime Text). This screenshot was taken with the Print Screen key:

When I take a screenshot using the snipping tool <WIN><SHIFT><S>, it does show the cursor:

I confirmed the same issue in Word and in the OBS forums edit window.

I have my cursor larger than normal at size 2:

I changed this to size1, and then it shows up...kinda:

See, it shows up black instead of its native white color. This happened in every app tested:

The only way I could workaround this issue is by using a completely different cursor:

Any other choice worked. The black one made it black with a white border. The negative made it really dark black, and the color one made it colored with a black border as seen here:

Even when making the cursor larger, it still shows the smaller pointer, but also, the quality goes down. If I leave it at a pointer size of 1, this is the only way to show it.

Is there a way to make this work with the regular white cursor and the enlarged cursor? I want this to be easier for people to see.



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An alternative workaround is to change the Capture Method in the Properties window of your source to "Windows 10" instead of "Auto" or "DXGI". But in this case, the FPS on all monitors is decreased to 30 in my opinion. To fix it, you can try to change recording FPS in the Settings window, tab is Video, value is Common FPS Values. I don't know if it really fixes the problem or I just believe it...