Refresh Rate drop While Streaming


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Hello everyone!! I'm starting to stream and I experencied a little problem. Every time that I am streaming my game has a micro refresh rate drop sometimes (only on my side), while my fps is locked at 60 100% of the time. I don't think that is the hardware fault, as my cpu is working at 20-30% of usage, and my gpu is at the same rate. This happens with all games, with fullscreen or not (and my stream dont have a single drop either). At least I think that I configured the obs right. my specs are: A 60hz 720 monitor, with another 1080p 60hz, a 3060ti,16GB RAM, a R5 5600 and an sata ssd and a hd. If someone helped me I would be very grateful. (and sorry if I writed something wrong, my principal language it is not english).
For instance, my obs settings is set to below normal, 720p 60fps, new nvenc on, any off the settings that have impact on the gpu are off (like lookahead), low latency, P5 and high profile. (my windows and nvidia driver are up to date and the game mode is on).