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Hi everyone! :)
First of all I am totally new here and am really sorry, in case I did not find the best place for my question! Also I tried to look for the answers to my question / suggestion but really did not find any answer that would have solved my problem. So I wonder is there a recording timer somewhere in OBS ?

1) As a student i would need to record some very long online classes. Why? Because I need to get to my job before the end of the online class. It would be so great in case OBS would stop recording at the moment when the lecture is over and possible also shut down the laptop.

2) Or on the other case when I need to work early in the morning I could log in to Teams and OBS would start recorging while the online class begins!

A timer that would start and stop recording at the given time would be so great!

Thank you!
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Use the Date condition in the Advanced Scene Switcher plugin.

Not only can you start and stop at the appropriate times (if OBS is already running, of course!), but you can automate almost anything you want, in response to almost anything you want.