Recording start and end sound, screenshot sound


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I'm just getting used to the OBS
Is it possible to put a sound in the OBS at the beginning, end of recording? As well as the sound of the screenshot
I assume that this can be done using a script or plugins. If so, does anyone have anything in mind?


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My first thought is the Advanced Scene Switcher plugin. Create a macro for each of those actions, and add another action to play the appropriate sound. Then use their conditions to trigger them as desired, whether automatically in response to something or manually with hotkeys or the direct Run button.

You might have to be creative in getting it to play sound though, as there isn't a direct action for that, outside of your content itself. You can, however, use the Run action to do anything that can be done in the Command Prompt. I believe Windows Media Player works well that way, but that's never been much of a focus for me. VLC is probably good that way too. (the actual app on the command line, not a VLC source in OBS)

You might also have to be careful, if you don't want that sound to get into your content. If you have a Desktop Audio source, it probably will, as that's a copy of *everything* that Windows sends to the speakers.