Question / Help Recording multitrack audio with 32-bit float PCM encoding?


I'm making audio production tutorials. I need to capture audio output from whatever DAW I'm working in as well as my voice (mono).

I've tried doing that with Ardour, but for some reason later the audio from Ardour and audio from OBS do not sync up in Kdenlive.
I've tried creating a custom Bash script to start a jack_capture program to record my audio in multiple channels for me. No go.
I've tried using OBS built-in multiple audio recording option, which is great, however it only uses a fixed lossy audio codec, and I get audio truncated at 18 kHz, which could be fine for gaming, but for audio production tutorials is not good enough - especially when I want to post-process the audio later.
I was recording stereo audio in 32-bit float PCM with OBS, mixing it before recording but I often have problems that could only be solved if I had both sources recorded separately.


If OBS allowed recording 32-bit float multi-track PCM audio - that would solve a lot of my problems. I could record everything, and mix it after the fact without loosing sleep.

Maybe that's possible with some neat ffmpeg parameters? Maybe I can make a custom build of OBS that would do just that? Maybe I can make a different script somehow? I'm using JACK audio for all my work. if OBS allowed running custom OS commands at record start/stop I could probably make something pretty easy.


you need multi-track for ffmpeg; a work-around would be to use my fork (which does multichannel up to 16 channels not multi-track though); then you record a single track with the 16 channels with ffmpeg record output. And eventually to get multi-track you use ffmpeg to split the channels into tracks.

(my fork is here: , multi2_dynamic branch )
Eventually I might implement multi-track for ffmpeg output in obs, but time is scant ...


I have implemented multi track audio for ffmpeg output; if you can compile, check the multi branch in my repo


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I have problems compiling your repository. Any chance to get an already-compiled version (for win64) of this fork enabling to record multichannel audio in PCM format?


ps: this is official nightly btw; to use you just unzip wherever you want. This can co-exist with last release.