1. Dihelson Mendonca

    Question / Help How to keep 2 or 3 recording settings easily exchangeable ? ( SOLVED )

    Hello, All, When I record live music on my studio, I want to use the best PCM audio recording, and this need to make certain adjustments on the audio recording parameters and .MKV files. But when I´m just recording H264 regular files, I need small ones just to send messages for my friends, so...
  2. unfa

    Question / Help Recording multitrack audio with 32-bit float PCM encoding?

    I'm making audio production tutorials. I need to capture audio output from whatever DAW I'm working in as well as my voice (mono). I've tried doing that with Ardour, but for some reason later the audio from Ardour and audio from OBS do not sync up in Kdenlive. I've tried creating a custom Bash...