Question / Help Recorded Video In Wrong Resolution, Any Fix?


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So yesterday i was messing with some game settings, turned the game settings Resolution from 1920x1080 to 1600x900. Was working with lower resolution to see if it will stop the game laginess of glitching back n forth. Well after recording a 20min video and actually a good video. When watching it, it turns out that it recorded in 1920x1080 on OBS and didn't change to 1600x900. So now its in the top left corner when playing it. Anyway to fix the video?
Also i did change the OBS settings to record Base as 1920x1080 and Output is 1600x900 is that correct?

If you need a clip of what im talking about please let me know~


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If you want to salvage the video, you just need to get some type of video editing software that has a Pan tool and then use it to zoom in on your video footage until it fills the screen. If you want to make it so that OBS records the video correctly (fills the screen), right click on the source you use to record your game(s) and go to Transform > Edit Transform and then change the Size values to 1920 and 1080.