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So i recorded this vid for my yt which was incredibly funny and i cant do it again (it took like a month). Its not in my directory or desktop or even general videos section. Dont tell me to check my directory and click Open File Location, ive already tried that. Thanks


At Settings, Output, tab Recording you will find the Recording Path. This is where recordings are saved, provided that it is a valid location, not write protected, enough diskspace etc.

At Settings, Advanced, Recording: File Formatting you'll find the pattern used for naming the files.
%CCYY-%MM-%DD %hh-%mm-%ss leads to i.e. 2022-01-17 08-41-58.mkv
If it does not contain any variables, i.e. MyGreatRecording only, you can overwrite the same file over and over again (if overwrite is checked).

Could you please use Windows Explorer, go to %APPDATA%\obs-studio\logs and provide the logfile of the OBS session of your recording.