file not saved

  1. J

    recorded screen doesn't saved

    I recorded the screen and it comes out saving the recording and it doesn't save the video
  2. J

    OBS only saves video roughly half as long as recording time

    Hey everyone, I recorded a 6 hour video today of me producing music with a friend. Recording my Digital Audio Workstation Audio, screen, phone camera and a mic input too. I recorded for 6 hours and 30 mins but when I went to look at the footage, the videos were only 3 hours long, with one being...
  3. J

    Recdording location help

    So i recorded this vid for my yt which was incredibly funny and i cant do it again (it took like a month). Its not in my directory or desktop or even general videos section. Dont tell me to check my directory and click Open File Location, ive already tried that. Thanks
  4. R

    File not saved

    Hello. I was recording a 1:20 minutes file, but when I wanted to stop it, it only saved 20 minutes of all! I have enough space on my laptop... Is there any way to recover what is not saved?