recording area control

  1. J

    Recdording location help

    So i recorded this vid for my yt which was incredibly funny and i cant do it again (it took like a month). Its not in my directory or desktop or even general videos section. Dont tell me to check my directory and click Open File Location, ive already tried that. Thanks
  2. I

    Recording two output formats from a single source

    Hi all, One of the biggest banes of my life is reformating video for multiple output formats (16:9 for desktop, 4:3 for social media, 9:16 for reels, etc.). Is it possible to have one set of inputs that go to multiple output formats? I realise that the difficulty here is mostly in framing the...
  3. A

    video segmentation

    hi , i am new here and new user , i searched the forum for days with no results on this issue i want to make the OBS records for say 5 min , then save on file then complete recording for another 5 min and so on , automatically without hotkeys or user input , is that possible or i am expecting...
  4. nalinpuri

    How to get these keyboard shortcuts in obs when i click them on keyboard?
  5. I

    Cropping / Selecting Recording Area of a window capture

    Hi there, I am trying to record a "specific area of a Window Capture". I know I can use Alt and crop on the OBS screen. However, when I am actually on the screen source the entire screen is surrounded by a yellow line and not just the specific area I selected on OBS. It will record fine on OBS...